HBS 3 HypnoDontics Book Study with Beryl Comar & Cheryl Elman 4/21- 5/26/21

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Wednesday    April 21st - May 26th, 2021

Times: US est 1-4:00 pm, US PT 10 am-1 pm

UK 18:00-21:00 pm, Spain 19:00 - 22:00 pm Dubai 21:00 pm - midnight   NZ: 5 am-8 am

About the Course:

Beryl Comar has been working globally with hypnosis and as a presenter/speaker for over 30 years. Writing this book was her passion and sharing her knowledge and experience with hypnotists and dentists is her legacy.

Beryl's client-centered approach to working with clients and the flow of her hypnotic patter is the reason Cheryl Elman published this book and is honored that she asked.

The course will be laced with discussion, lecture, demos, Zoom Breakout Rooms, Recorded weekly for your review or if you missed a class, additional resources, etc. The videos will be streamable and reside in your gumroad library.

About the Book

The objective of this book is to show you how easily Hypnodontics can change a dental practice and launch hypnotists into working with Dentists. It will renew approaches to helping people with easily resolved anxieties and habits, and it will invigorate your interest in this fascinating mind science … and it all starts with the most basic of uplifting human emotions … the smile – both yours and those of your “fixed” clients and patients!

How this Book is Organized (excerpt from the book)

"This book is presented in SIX parts:

SECTION 1: for the General Reader, Hypnotist, and Dentist (Wk 1 + Forward & Intro

Examines the historic evolution of dentistry, the development of hypnosis as a surgical pain block as compared to chemical anesthetics, and the place of hypnosis in managed dental care today.

SECTION 2: for the Consulting Hypnotist (Week 2)

Details the physiologic, psychological, and sociological aspects affecting Hypnodontics, both from a dental practitioner’s and a dental patient’s point of view. We offer suggestions on how to expand into Hypnodontics, how to approach branching into dental anxiety, either exclusively or in supportive conjunction with existing hypnotherapeutic practice. In “How to Treat the Dentist” examines the stressors dental practitioners face on a daily basis so the Consulting Hypnotist can more empathetically structure a proposal for offering a dentist a sample session.

SECTION 3: is for a Dentist (Week 3)

Contains advice on how s/he can use hypnosis as an everyday tool, for self, staff, and patients. It includes recommendations from a dentist who has become a licensed hypnotist and uses hypnosis with her patient as well as those dentists who have referred patients to hypnotists and how they worked together. There is information for those dentists who wish to complete accredited training in hypnosis. Lastly, we present the current role of hypnotherapy in the practice of dentistry as a complementary therapy and our expectations for the future.

SECTION 4: Working with Children. (Week 4)

Describes the growth of teeth from infancy along with some of the concerns of tooth development in growing children. This followed by suggestions for hypnotists and dentists to work with children along with examples and some scripts.

SECTION 5: Case Histories (Week 5)

The collaboration of Case Histories from the authors and contributing consulting hypnotists from around the world their contact information can be found in the Appendix.

SECTION 6: Helpful Script Samples. (Week 6)

Always with the caveat that an excellent consulting hypnotist will have more advanced techniques in his or her toolbox (regression to cause, parts therapy among others) contains case histories from hypnotherapists relevant to dental work. In cases where confidentiality needs to be preserved the names of clients have been hanged and the country not named.


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HBS 3 HypnoDontics Book Study with Beryl Comar & Cheryl Elman 4/21- 5/26/21

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