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Your Choice of 3 Class Days and Times

The Elman Book Study Course is 12 weeks (30 hrs) and is based on the "Hypnotherapy" Book by Dave Elman. The recordings of each live zoom class taught by Cheryl and Larry Elman are uploaded each week. Dave Elman's Hypnosis Methods are brought to life by Larry who attended his dad's courses several times as a teen. Approximately 2 chapters are covered each week (average 30 pages) out of the 350+ pages. 
Through discussions, lectures, audio recordings of Dave Elman teaching, 
breakout room practices, guest speakers, private Facebook and WhatsApp groups, dedicated 24 hr Zoom Practice Room, global participation, additional materials, weekly class recording uploads, and much more....this becomes a community rather than a course. 

AND....Larry Elman brings Dave Elman and the book to life through his sharing of his experiences and stories of his father and the Dave Elman Medical Hypnosis Course course in the 1950's and 1960's.  Cheryl brings her teaching and course organizational skills plus her ability to make each participant feel part of their phenomenal group.

Beginning Wednesday, Sept 30th, 2020 Beryl Comar and Cheryl Elman will be doing a book study on Beryl's well-acclaimed book.  See all the details below!

HBS 3 HypnoDontics Book Study with Beryl Comar & Cheryl Elman 4/21- 5/26/21

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HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists Book by Beryl Comar

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EBS 4 EU Tuesday Jan 12th - Mar 30th

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